Terms & Conditions


Terms Of Service

In order for MediaGraphyx to provide any services the client must first agree to the following terms of service:

Payment is securely accepted through Paypal only (you do not need a Paypal account at all, just a valid credit or debit card), unless there is a setup meeting between client and us, in which case the transfer of money can be done personally albeit it through check or cash. Please be advised that in the case of a personal check being issued as a deposit, MediaGraphyx will only move forward with the project once the check has cleared on our end. Until then any and all other agreements or arrangements are invalid. 

A deposit of 50% from the ‘agreed upon price’ for the completion of the project is due prior to the start date of the project. The remaining balance of 50% is due upon completion and approval of the project but prior to the transferring and/or uploading of any files to the internet. MediaGraphyx begins working on the project once the deposit has cleared on our end.

There are no refunds on digital products once the work has begun. However, an exception to this rule would take place if 1) the services specifically agreed upon were never completed by MediaGraphyx or 2) there was a technical problem from our end which consequently did not allow the project to be posted online. In the case of such scenario, we would commit ourselves to fixing the problem within a reasonable amount of time (time deadlines are discussed in the client’s contract). If for some reason the issue is still not resolved in a timely manner, MediaGraphyx will make a full refund to the client.

Any works created by MediaGraphyx will be designed based on the information and content that the client provides to us via e-mail, phone or personal meetings. The communication between MediaGraphyx and the client is essential for the development of a successful outcome for everyone. Needless to say, it is of extreme importance to be very accurate and precise when filling out our Design Request Form. From this information we can create an initial design which is then made available to the client for viewing via a link provided by us. If there are any changes suggested they will be made at this stage. Once these changes  (if any) have been implemented the client will receive a second link to view the updated version of their project. At MediaGraphyx we want to exceed the client’s expectations so, if at this level of revisions there is still a ‘minor’ change to be made we can still accommodate it. However, any changes that were not mentioned prior to this second revision can only be done at an extra cost. This extra cost will be discussed with the client prior to proceeding with the change.

After filling out and reviewing the MediaGraphyx Design Contract a timeline will be agreed upon as to when the project will be ready to be shown to the client for the first revision (please read the Revisions section). Please be advised that a timeline for the full completion of the project can be estimated but not guaranteed as it is dependent on the promptness of the client to provide us with the necessary content (files, pictures, etc.) to be able to move forward with the project. Any delay in the delivery of these items as well as a delay in making the deposit will directly affect the ‘end of completion’ timeline.